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Got questions? we got answers. call us 7706521003.

Nasa Space Shuttle 3D illusion Lamp

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Product Details

Straight from the original warehouse the people buying our Lamps and reselling them 2x the price confirms it

The hype is coming and ready to Boom, will be you one of the trendsetters or part of the following crowd?

Not only  are we the original company, but we also provide you the Guarantee that:

*Our Lamps maintain their Brightness up to 50,000 Hours That's way more than a year! (continuous lighting)

*Our Lamps include the Smart touch™ and remote technologies

*Our Lamps Don’t  burn or produce heat of any kind


Avoid being SCAMMED


Why Shop at AuroraLight?

Trusted by A lot of space enthusiasts All over the country we made our way by bringing Gamers a Mind Blowing item to complete their sanctuary

 Special Features:

  • 7 Changing colors to choose
  • Ultra bright color
  • Up to 50,000 hours of lighting
  • Does not  produce heat
  • Smart touch technology
  • Remote controlled
  • LED Lightbulbs
  • Free fast shipping on all orders!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!


Our Lamps have been designed to be the perfect gift... Please send us a pic of your friends  "WOW!" faces when they see your new Gadget!

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Got questions? We got answers!! Checkout ouFAQ page for more information.